Smile,we have been clever

Once again my googlealerts bring me the best stuff and this time kind of wickedly beautiful

Getting across an important message to people,to be able to say a few small words that make people react is an art. We are drowning in adverts and  ideas and pictures every day,and even though we do react and make choices because of them it’s rarely anything truely important,let’s be honest.

When was the last time an advert changed your life?

Well,maybe these will at least stick for a little while,make you smile or be pleasantly surprised at the cheer cleverness. Sometimes we should sit back and just enjoy a  good idea,and maybe feel inspired to do something about our very own.Or maybe send some to 4chan,which ever 🙂

In any case,enjoy these for today,clever,gorgeous and a little silly

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Clever shit

In my search for cleverness I find a lot of strange things,some fantastic things,and some really just very useful

Now,even though here in Norway energy is easy to get hold,not only do we have a lot of oil but we use water turbines to make electricty,some countries struggle to produce energy naturally. But there are certain things that are part of human nature,that are constant and unchanging and therefore there is also one source of energy that can be utilized by anyone-shit

Yeah,you heard me-shit,or manure,or organic waste in nicer words.And a few places in Africa there are projects taking advantage of the fact that we all produce it.Now there are complex systems called anaerobic digesters and simple solutions like a barrel to store the manure in and a vent to source the methane gas that’s produced.This gas can then again be used for cooking safly 🙂

There are loads of blogs and websites discussing this,and the idea is spreading around.I think anaerobic digesting is the future,and later in this blog I’ll be discussing different parts of it.

But for now,take a look at the link below and enjoy the cleverness

Fix it and keep going 😉

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Never again-hiccups and other silly things

Here comes an other clever solution to a well-known problem-the hiccups!

Personally I get a very bad headache and pains in my chest from them,but there are of course cute ones and loud ones and fast ones,but there are ways to get rid of them all.

Now,researching this I found a brilliant site listing all kinds of stuff and one of them was how to cure hiccups.So here it goes,by the fab guys at

10 ways to cure hiccups

1: Sweeten the nerve endings of your tongue,at the back if you can,it might do the trick

2: Get scared.The vagus nerve,which is responsible for the hiccups might react to you jumping

3:Water.Oldie but goodie,it might stop the hiccupcramps

4:Pull on your tongue to make the muscles react

5:Tickle the soft palate of your mouth,or get someone to tickle you,same reasons as have someone scare you really,just nicer

6:Breath into a paperbag.It will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, and the body becomes preoccupied with getting rid of it and forgets about the hiccups.Clever right?

7:Antacids with magensium will help as well,as it might quiet the nerves enough for the hiccups to stop

8:Don’t eat too much.Some theories state that hiccups is your body telling you to eat less.Christmas hiccups anyone?

9:No spicy food.Acids from spicy food can give you the hiccups so no chillies with your hiccups

10:Don’t get tempted into the beer-drinking competition- big gulps of it can cause the esophagus to expand rapidly, resulting in hiccups

Now you know.Let’s fix it and keep moving,with no hiccups 🙂

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The Domestic Stranger

I work as a home assitance for the elderly and once in a while you come to help out in a home that needs extra care.Not always because there’s a lot of mess but because the lady of the house insist on perfection.Which is all well and good- if you get a bit clever

For instance,putting the toothbrush cup in water whilen cleaning the rest of the bathroom shows attention to detail.It also needs doing 🙂 Or spraying the inside of the shower a bit extra and letting the lady know that the next time she showers it will clean itself.Very useful indeed.

I’m sure there are a lot of domestic godesses out there,and please do share your own little clever solutions.While cleaning houses every day can get straight up boring taking care of the homes properly makes the job a lot easier.For instance using the vacumer to suck the flies out of a tall lamp will make sure nothing smells funny when it’s on,making cleaning that corner much more pleasant

I love diversity,and since this is my blog I will keep posting all kinds of stuff,and I hope you do too 🙂

Have a nice day

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This blog will also be about important stuff,not that keeping clean is not important but I’ll be posting solutions and ideas that are much bigger and does a lot more as well as silly things

And one of my absolute favorite things that I’ve come across is LifeStraw. SO simple SO brilliant-basically its a tiny straw that purifies water.It has a filter and it can make any degree of dirty water safe to drink! Now this might not apply to everyone,some people are so blessed and can just turn on the tap,but as we all know not everyone can.This is for them 🙂

Check it out on the website,and see the stats,really amazing stuff,and if you’re like me then stuff like this,clever,but simple stuff that helps people,makes you a little happier 🙂

Good day to you all,feel free to post anything clever you’ve come by or stuff to fix

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Keeping clean on a bad day

My first blog is gonna be about one of my own little clever solution to a common issue- a bad day that get’s messy

Imagine-walking down the street with a fresh cup of your favorite coffee,or that doughnut you’ve been wanting for ages or the 230th ice cream of the summer. But oh!- someone bumps in to you or you miss the edge of the sidewalk a little and there’s only one thing that has to happen-you spill

Now,on a bad day you migth even get tears in your eyes just from looking at your spilt shirt,which was suppose to charm that someone special or the board of directors or just a randome stranger.But fear not-there is help!

Simply revisit some childhood memories today and buy a kinder egg surprise.Then eat the chocolate with much glee,look at the toy and then the clever bit-stuff the egg with babywipes! You can fit 3-5 in there,depeding on the size of the wipes.And so:

Next time you’re there with that unfortunate stain on the worst possible day fixing it is no sweat-just pop open your little egg,grab a wipe and rub 🙂 Simples!

Well,it’s out there,enjoy and send me things to fix or clever solutions,and we’re on a roll.Nothings too big or too silly,I bet you I can find something that helps…..

Bring it! And let’s fix it and keep moving

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